Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cotton Field

Here's some pics of a cotton field down in Coffee County that inspired me--don't know why, but there's something intriguing to me about these fields.

Pettiskirt Sample

BIG thanks to Ava for allowing me to doll her up for this photo shoot!  These are some samples of the pettiskirt/tutu pics that you can have done.  I have one other skirt, and both of them would fit up to a 4yr old, possibly 5 yr old girl.  And, even if you only have an infant/newborn, don't miss out because I've got some GREAT ideas on how to make this work for them as well.  Take advantage of this "warm spell" we're having with the weather and e-mail me/post a comment to book your session.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tutu's and Pettiskirts!

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to update you on a GREAT photog op I'm getting geared up for!!!  This pic is an example of the whimsy fad of tutu/pettiskirts.  I have 2 skirts available (not the one pictured--that's one I borrowed a couple of years ago from my "photog mentor").  God willing, I'm hoping Selah will be up for some test shots tomorrow (she doesn't do well to new things/ideas, but what 2 yr old does, right?).  So, make sure to check back to see the pics!

I'll be looking to open my books for Spring/Summer appointments next month, so get your galoshes and funky tights out for some GREAT shots!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009